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The title says it all.

When I was a kid I remember having 3 weird nightmares that were scary back then, but now I find the last 2 quite funny:

It was some sort of a virtual reality world where the area was outside a small red mall and place was filled with plants and dark grey rocks with some weird textures. I was chased by one kid who turned into a green robot(similar to Crusher from Rise of the Robots and green rahkshi from Bionicle). I had this one when I was like 6 years old so I don't remember much.

Me and my cousin were in a bank waiting for someone. There were many people and surveillance cameras. Suddenly a something 30's style robber(striped shirt, robin-like mask, you get the idea...) entered and was like ,,HA! HA! HA! I AM THE THIEF! HA! HA! HA! I AM GONNA ROB YOU ALL! HA! HA! HA! THE SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS AREN'T WORKING! HA! HA! HA!''. Kinda like Daniel Day Lewis overacting.

I was in aqua park with some other kids and then the group of maniacs entered and started chasing us. One of them had a Che Guevara look-a-like, he was wearing a cap and teal vest and had a gun. Had voice similar to Ajs Nigrutin(a silly serbian rapper). He said ,,HI, I AM THAT GUY IN A TEAL VEST AND I WILL KILL YOU ALL NOW!''. They were chasing us and when I jumped in a pool and couldn't get out. I saw a bullet going slowly through water. He said ,,AHA, NOW I KNOW HOW TO SHOOT UNDERWATER!''.

I also remember a weird dream about a slow rock/rap/punk song where the singer looked kinda similar to Brock Lesnar. He was singing about how he was going to eat a corn.

One where there was a Hindu or Shaolin monk waking around the world and singing caramelldansen.

That was in the childhood, moving on:

This character:  OC: The Dot by FrostLightningX Except he looked like Garland(from Final Fantasy) with a red cape, so I had to redesign him.

And I often had one where I'm going through some sort of a temple in a jungle. At the end, there was a waterfall and cyan pipe that was like a bridge. I had this dream until I was 16 I guess.

In Nostalgia Critic's review of ,,The Last Airbender'' there was a scene(in the movie) where one waterbender was in a deserted fire nation library and said ,,What a shitty ass fucking library.'' And NC was like WTF and for some reason he put this quote in Ridley Scott's Alien in a scene where one character was exploring the spaceship.

I don't remember whether this one was a video game or a show but the setting was high fantasy. One humanoid beast character was escaping from a dungeon, he was fighting against the undead and other creatures. When he escaped he got caught by an army of evil female elves. Their queen said ,,kill that badger'' and the army charged. The beast man managed to defeat or pass them(I don't remember how) and the queen got very mad because of this. Then one of her warriors approached and told her something wise(I don't remember what she said). The queen's expression was calm, she was slowly walking towards her warrior and slapped her in face.

One where we never realized that Power Rangers piss their pants every time they fight monsters. And I was in their studio searching for the toilet, but couldn't find it. Suddenly I found the door that had ,,EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'' written on and I thought that this is what they shout when they pee.

A bad/really weird modern cartoon that had art style similar to most modern cartoons on Cartoon Network. There was a green field with 4 somewhat-futuristic grayish green towers, then a garden where one maniac was chasing a kid with a wooden hammer and they were both happy like they were playing a game or something like that. But the main plot was about 3 idiots who somehow got stuck on a wooden fence.

Series of animated shorts about fishes. There were 4 characters: a group of 3 sea creatures and one sea creature that was like an outcast or something. I can't remember what was the main plot but during the closing credits where we should see the word ,,credits'' or ,,cast'', there was ,,the fish who made this'' instead.

A fantasy theme park on a mountain where one game was inside something that looks like a magical temple. In here, I was fighting against holograms of goblins (that looked similar to Blix from Ridley Scott's ,,The Legend'') and a hooded witch.

This one is kinda scary. Here I was watching a movie/show where a fat businessman was inside a mountain(that was supposed to represent hell, I guess) and was going through random messed up crap. Then he got tied on an iron table and suddenly this scary figure appeared. He was tall and looked like what would happen if Joker(Heath Ledger version) and Freddy Krueger had a child. He licked his blood and cheese filled spatula and was just about to torture and kill him. Suddenly Jessica Jones appeared behind and opposed him(the killer) like they had some sort of relationship in the past. My another weird nightmare was about a horror movie actor. His name was Eddy Rhetta(I guess) and he literally looked like a creepy doll. His acting was so good and he was so critically acclaimed that there were rumors about him being a serial killer.

For the past few years I've been having dreams where I'm in some sort of place that is like a mix between our world and world in Megaman X:

2 where Me, my brother and one childhood friend were X, Zero and Axl. In one we were fighting inside a pink tower against a boss that looked similar to X, but was brown and was using a junk shield as a weapon. In other one there was a level that looked like a giant mechanical blue wheel inside a forest.

This: Exploring the haunted grounds by FrostLightningX Read the description.
This(not in MMX world thing):  OC: The Big Tooth by FrostLightningX Read description too.

Another one where there was Anime inspired European action animated show about futuristic Russian soldiers in power armors blowing shit up. The theme song was in English(I guess) but at the end the singer said ,,diktator, profesor...'' in russian accent.

That's all for now.


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